My freelance journey: a lesson learned

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Hello good people. It’s Chồn Xinh, the one and only guy behind this blog. I just want to shake things up a bit by writing this post in English. Another update on my freelance journey. And maybe I’ll have more English content in the future.

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The reason for the switch is simple. Sometimes I feel it hard to express an idea in Vietnamese, and I often struggle when finding what words to use in my writing. It’s funny, I know, given the fact that Vietnamese is my native language. I’m no expert in English, but I have to admit it is much easier to write in this language. Those of you who have been learning English for a long time will sympathize with this, thank you.

Anyway, let’s stop rambling. If you’re interested in reading about my freelance journey, do continue. Otherwise, you may skip this post. Also, you can read other posts on this topic here.

Challenges that led to self-discoveries on my freelance journey

As a freelancer who entered the industry quite late compared to other more fortunate counterparts, I’ve seen challenges coming my way.

For example, it’s hard to get the attention of clients when you have a profile with limited activity on Upwork. Or in the case of Gengo, it’s the lack of jobs or the frustration to see that your fellow translators have taken all the good jobs and left only the hard ones on the table. No complaints, though. The system was designed to run that way, and it’s all me failing to be there at the right time. (Actually, I do think there is something weird going behind the scene as one of my fellow translators has been able to grab an incredibly high amount of jobs).

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Photo by Viktoria Goda, Pexels

But still, thanks to the hardship and the rough days that I’ve been through, I’ve learned valuable lessons. If I ask you to name one thing that is crucial for success in this industry, what would you say? Perseverance?

Agree, perseverance is important. Without it, chances are you will leave the game very soon as you don’t see fast results. I used to think that it is the most important attribute. But recently, it dawned on me that to succeed, patience or perseverance is not enough. You cannot just stick to the belief that you will one day win. If you persevere, that’s good. But what you do must be good as well.

So let’s be straight, one must always learn to succeed. Yes, the most important ingredient in the recipe for success in this freelance journey is a constant desire to learn.

And it’s not really a cliché

Without learning, one may not discover what they are really good at or passionate about, which can very well save them a lot of resources and even frustration for doing something they don’t like. Without learning, one may not get to see doors leading to new growth and opportunities. An unspoken truth, without learning, it is likely that one may be removed from the game at a certain point of time, regardless of how much they have achieved in their field.

Learning will never fail you.

I’m over 30 and I’ve just made a fantastic discovery about myself. I want to learn more, absorb new concepts, embrace extraordinary ideas, and acquire skills. I know this may sound like an exaggeration, but the truth is it does work. Please dedicate more time to learning new things, and very soon you will see a chain effect. Positivity will come to every aspect of your life. You will start to notice opportunities that are always there. Trust me.

What have I done after that moment of truth?

I do the following things everyday. I find time to fit them in my busy days and I let nothing disrupt my streaks.

Watch YouTube videos on productivity and businesses.

I highly recommend these channels: Better Than Yesterday, Improvement Pill, and Matt D’Avella.

They are mainly focused on productivity, and their videos are exceptional. I watch at least one video from these channels every day. Honestly, I’ve been more productive since I discovered Better Than Yesterday, precisely, the following video.

Read Medium articles and books (especially ebooks)

FYI, Medium is a blogging platform with high-quality content. The insights and ideas shared by professional writers there are just perfect. They will illuminate you and break down the many misconceptions you have been holding on to for a long time. Sadly, it is a paid service and you are allowed to read just 3 articles per month. Well, sound like something of premium quality, right? But there are a lot of hacks on the Internet, simply search “how to read medium articles for free” and you are good!

reading a e-reader
Photo by Perfecto Capucine, Pexels

The photo above actually shows Kobo, an e-reader used to read ebooks in epub formats. I personally prefer Kindle because the brand belongs to Amazon, which creates trust. With these e-readers, you can read ebooks anywhere and its e-ink does little harm to your eyes. A chance to get away from your phone. As for medium articles, I also send them to my kindle to read. A convenient solution.

If you are addicted to reading but have not got one, I highly recommend you give it some serious consideration. Join this group to learn more; access to thousands of books for free is awaiting you.

group doc sach kindle
The best group on kindle and kobo

Learn on Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform. I’ve mentioned Udemy a few times in this blog, and Skillshare may be, in my opinion, the new Udemy. It does not charge per course but offers monthly and yearly subscriptions. With $15 per month or $99 per year, you have access to thousands of classes. Pretty much, right?

I’ve learned a few classes on Skillshare before writing this post, and yup their original classes are really good quality. I particularly like this class: Writing for Self-Discovery: 6 Journaling Prompts for Gratitude and Growth. The instructor is graceful and her prompts are helpful, more than enough to get your ideas flowing. All thanks to this class, I’ve developed a journalling habit and experienced true peace of mind, what I was not quite capable of before.

Skillshare class my freelance journey
From the class

Here are the skills I think you should definitely learn so that you can thrive in this freelance world: writing (or copywriting), art/film making, and digital marketing. Thankfully, they’re all available on Skillshare. I highly recommend you check out this ocean of resources. Use this link and get your 2 free months (I’ll get one in return as well). Feel free to do your search on Google if you’re not comfortable with using my link. Peace for all.

Long post cut short

That brings me to the end of the post. It’s quite a long post, but the key message is simple: learn if you want to succeed. I’m in no position to say that I’m already successful, of course not. Just want to share what I’ve been doing and learning so far on my freelance journey. Hope it helps, and best of luck!

Thanks for dropping by.

Disclaimer: some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you choose to make a purchase through them.

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