Some Quick Thoughts On Teacher’s Day

Lets face it, it’s teachers who understand teachers most. So, what do we teachers want? Say, on this so-called Vietnamese Teacher’s Day?

Happy Teacher’s Day

Of course, we want no such things as flowery wishes or empty praises. Nor do we expect gifts in the form of money or valuables.

We want to see what we do has meaning in itself. We want to know if what we teach finds it way to the students’ hearts and becomes of use, not just during their exam time. We want to assure ourselves that our struggles with time and energy are worth it.

And despite the reality and all the slaps on our faces, we are still up on our toes. Celebration on this “special” day alone never is enough, for we deserve more. Every moment at work is every moment we spend celebrating the beauty of our profession.

To teach is to live, for some.

But still, Happy Vietnamese Teacher’s Day ❤

Update:Mình vừa tạo một trang Facebook, các bạn hãy “like” để nhận cập nhật về bài đăng mới hoặc đọc những chia sẻ đời thường của Chồn Xinh nhé. Tạm thời chưa có gì đâu, nhưng cứ like đặt gạch vậy nhé. Cảm ơn các bạn!

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